bitters be like #fairytale is.. xD

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bitters be like #fairytale is.. xD

Post by Shakira Maribao on Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:47 pm

I always dreamed that my life could end like a fairytale.. Crying or Very sad
Whait.. Whatt?? Shocked Question

she! Fyi #WalangHappyEverAfter Razz lalo nang Poreber boulet ENDING malaking Meron affraid True lab? amberts lng I love you  Wink haha lol!

haha nakain ko Question  pwe pait man gung DAHONS bayabas pale tambal sako xD No Suspect  ya read it right Surprised naay Rumen sako Digestive System geek geek geh nevermind Laughing
Bayee Razz  Spread thy Love ya'll Bitters Cool Laughing cheers  <3
P.s WAY nag away nako Suspect  sadyang umandar lng talaga to drunken bom  lol!

#Muangers <3
#Shhh.. tongue
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